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Case Studies

Case Study I

We entered more than 2000 transactions from documents received from the client within 15 days. The entries were to be done in a pre-defined excel format as designed by the client and then into Tally

Scope of Work

We defined a format to be worked in Excel and Tally together and completed the work within the period required by the client.

Quality criteria and our performance

Client expected a Turnaround Time of 15 days and a good accuracy level, which was achieved by our accountants. As a token of appreciation, we received a bonus over and above the agreed fees.

Details of the Project

Task Details
QUANTITY OF WORK More than 2000 documents including bank statements, receipts, etc
TYPE OF WORK Bookkeeping and Finalization of Accounts
SOFTWARE USED Tally and MS Excel
WORKING STAFF 1 Accountant and 1 Accounts Assistant
INPUT PDF copies of bank statements, credit card statements, receipts, bills, invoices, etc
OUTPUT Completed Tally file and MS Excel file in specified format
CLIENT CONDITIONS To complete the work in 15 days for submission of accounts
BONUS As per client's email